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Walk Gently Upon the Earth - Coffee & Convos in the Gallery

Rediscover peace in this chaotic world through nature. Join us for coffee and enjoy conversation with visiting author Linda Hogan. This midday encounter will surely be a breathe of fresh air.

COFFEE & CONVOS is a new way to connect at the LCFA each Friday at noon. The aim is to Learn, Share, Connect. It's laid back and casual. There's a new topic each week but feel free to take an adventurous detour.
+ Gather in the gallery space where the art will inspire you.
+ Relax in the comfy chairs with a cup of The SCOOP”s organic brew.
+ Meet interesting and like minded people.
+ Chat about topics relating to the arts, creativity, community and collaboration.

Linda's Book Walk Gently Upon the Earth comes with rave reviews. Check out this beautiful description and just a few of the reviews...

Awaken your connection to Mother Earth as you journey through peaceful encounters with the birds, the wind, and the trees. This collection of stories, poems, and meditations touches your soul and refreshes your spirit with its gentle wisdom and simple beauty. Evocative meditations will help you deepen your own connection to the Earth and will open your heart to the glorious world we are blessed to live in. Written by a shamanic healer and teacher who is deeply in touch with nature, Walk Gently Upon the Earth will awaken you to the living, vibrant beauty of this precious planet.

“This collection of stories is a necessity for any picnic, journey through the woods, or any other outdoor activity. Reading this book alone made me feel an instant connection to nature, as well as a desire to be closer and form my own relationship to it. The book is comfort in itself and a constant reminder of the excessive beauty that we, as humans, are forever surrounded by.”

“I just adored this book. I curled up in front of the fireplace on a chilly winter night and was transported into nature with all her magic, beauty and entrancing charms. The author's words so resonated with my spirit. Reading it put pieces of my own energetic puzzle back in place. I cannot say enough about how this piece of writing can re-connect you to the earth even if you never leave your sofa. A highly recommended read.. “

“There is one thing that I know for sure, Walk Gently Upon the Earth, is a marvelous revelation connecting the human spirit to the spirit of Nature. The stories…the journey, Linda Hogan, takes the reader on is a worthwhile and inspiring adventure. As you read this book you become an explorer navigating the fields, streams, flowers and forests. Discovering Mother Earth’s magnificent bounty is just the beginning. The adventure begins on page one! I encourage you to look beyond the experience of your own life and begin walking gently upon the Earth.”

“This book is so necessary to read, especially now. Linda has such a forward thinking ability to communicate exactly what is transpiring in our world right now. She teaches us how to make the important connection to our earth and to understand the reason why everything is happening in our time. This book is definitely a must read.”

“What a lovely work of love for Mother Earth and all her creatures. This is a wonderful nature memoir filled with stories and insightful observations. It is a book you can curl up with in front of the fire or enjoy while sitting by the river. It speaks to you.

“Ah gratitude for this book overflowing with gratitude. This is a dear, loving, intimate, pure transmission of one soul's tender love for Mother Earth to us all, full of magic and sweet blessings. Thank you so much. “

“Linda's book is a delightful journey, guiding the reader through the adventures of picking blueberries, talking to frogs and just being conscious of the beauty that Mother Earth offers. Embark with her on this magical, mystical, spiritual escapade,and you can be assured that you will laugh, feel joy and find the blessings of connecting to nature. I know, because I did. Thanks, Linda for writing a magnificent book!!!!”

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