Featured Artists

Leesburg Center for the Arts is a community gallery and art center and our MISSION is to promote growth and vitality to the community by providing educational opportunities in the arts for all ages, providing cultural events for the community and providing a central location which attracts talented artists, artisans, creatives, musicians and appreciative audiences. LCFA represents 42 Artists and each artist can submit up to two artworks for selection by jury to be in a themed exhibit. We often have a featured artist that displays selected pieces from their body of work. Meet some of our featured artists below.


Joanna Smitherman

is an Artist, Creative and Teacher and our October/November 2018 featured Artist.

Artist statement: “Transformation, that’s what I look for when creating art. It’s the joy of treasure hunting for simple mundane items and turning them into something extraordinary. My medium is mixed media. I use paper, metal, natural materials, textiles, digital arts and more to make my creations. My inspiration comes from life experiences:

•Moving around a lot as a child

•Working a range of jobs from advertising for Disney Radio to cemetery management

•Being in a mixed race marriage and raising children.

All of these life stages left a mark on my life and are reflected in my art. It’s therapeutic really, expressing my life through art. It’s a way of making things make sense when they don’t or finding the beauty in everyday situations.”