An emerging artist is an artist that has mastered the basic techniques in her/his art form and who is attempting to launch a professional career in the arts OR an artist taking his/her established career in a new direction. An artist is not required to have any particular degree or type of education to qualify as an emerging artist.

The Emerging Artist program was conceived to act as a stepping stone for an artist early in their career to help them transition into the professional art world of exhibiting and selling their artwork. LCFA will help an emerging artist show a body of new work in a professional setting. The emerging artist will be connected with experienced mentors who will educate them on the practical aspects of the art gallery business, festival and special events, and self promotion. In addition, they will have the opportunity to voice their own vision and ideas about future goals for the gallery. EMERGING ARTIST APPLICATION


Gregory D. Warne

Greg Warne is a recent graduate of Leesburg High School and excelled in the Leesburg High School Art Department under the instruction of Gary Wesolowski and Melissa Padilla. His art goal is to “reach people and be known by them much like my favorite artist Dali.”

Inspired by artist Salvador Dali, Greg’s art has morphed over time from Anime to Surrealism and using art to tell his story. “My art helps me with my depression mostly and is a way to get all my frustration out. It helps me and I would love for someone I don’t know to look at my work and feel like I’ve helped them in some way.” -Greg Warne